Hi Everyone,

We were recently contacted by Drumcondra Triangle Residents Association about a project they’re proposing. It doesn’t affect us really but it’s nice that they sought our thoughts on it. Please read below and click on the link to see the exact location they have in mind and see the artist sketches.



Drumcondra Traingle Residents Association

Dear Fionán,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Drumcondra Triangle Residents Association (DTRA). We have recently put forward a proposal to develop a pocket park on a piece of vacant land off Millmount Avenue in Drumcondra. The park is to be called ‘Lemon’s Square’ in honour of the Lemon’s Sweets factory formally on the site. Full details of the proposal can be found at: https://www.drumcondratriangle.com/lemons-square-proposal.html
We are currently inviting feedback and comments on the proposal via the DTRA website, which we will collate into a short report for publication. The feedback received will help to guide the next steps of the project, which will be realised in collaboration with the community and the support of DCC. 
The response to date has been overwhelmingly positive, albeit with some understandable concerns raised. The most common of these is the potential for anti-social behaviour on the site. Another general concern is around upkeep and maintenance. Other issues raised are specific to the site itself.
The Courtlands pocket park is a beautiful amenity and a wonderful asset to local residents, and has been in place successfully now for a number of years. We previously reached out to you to ask about your pocket park, and you kindly replied with information on how maintenance of the park is managed, and on insurance. We are reaching out to you again to ask for any advice you may have on some other elements.  
Did you face many concerns and/or objections when your pocket park was first proposed? Has anti-social behaviour on the site been an issue for you, and if so, what have you done to counteract it? 
We would be very grateful for any insight you can provide.
Kind regards,
(DTRA Chair)