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Annual General Meeting

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Our Annual general Meeting took place on Monday night, May 8th and despite the heavy rain, was attended by about 30 residents.

Secretary’s Report

Hi everyone, so I’d like to just do a recap on what the committee has been up to since our last Agm. You may remember we were just coming out of covid and our first event was our annual family funday. As we hadn’t had one for the previous 2 years, it was a huge success with almost 200 children registered, the highest on record. It was wonderful to see our neighbours out and about chatting and socialising after being stowed away for so long!

We had all kinds of races for the kiddies, face painting, football 5asides, basketball matches, adult and kiddie raffles – al done with our wonderful Dj and MC Dave!. We had our bbq supremos fIonan and Paula and lastly we had a fantastic cake stall – fully stocked from the wonderful bakers, men and women in the estate!

The Funday is probably our biggest event during the year and takes the most time to organise We are thankful to all our neighbours who helped out , particularly all our bakers and we are looking for your help again this year – our fun day will be on 17th June.

During the year we purchased a defibrillator for the estate. For those that do t know where it is, it is on the wall on the left hand side as you come in the pedestrian entrance. It is one of those things that you hope you never have to use but it is there in case of an emergency.

We then come onto our Christmas Gathering that was held again in Home Farm football club. We had a great turnout again with finger-food for all , free draws of wine and chocolates and of course a visit from the main man for the little ones.

In March we organised a CPR course for residents. There were approx 20 people who attended – 2 sessions of 10 people lasting for 1 1/2 hours. The course covered how to carry out CPR on adults and babies It also showed how to use the defibrillator. You don’t have to have a cpr qualification to use the defibrillator as the device talks you through the process. At the end of the course people got a certificate stating they were cpr trained and the certification last for 3 years. Feedback was v positive and depending on resources we may run more of these courses during the year.

Finally in conjunction with Dublin City Council we organised a clean-up day for the estate. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but we still managed to edge most of the park and collect a lot of leaves around the estate. We’d ask everyone to help us by keeping their own patch tidy and maybe edging where the footpath meets the road to keep weeds at bay. A big thank you to those that turned up to help.

For a while now we’ve wanted to organise another annual event for our more senior residents. We are calling on you all to offer your suggestions and views on what you would like to see. Please pass on all ideas to any member of the Committee. We would be delighted with the help.

That is all the main activities that we do and so I would like to pass you
onto James our Treasurer for his report…….


We’ve received two letters from neighbours concerned about The Park. The first one is concerning the level of dog fouling and the number of people leaving their dogs unsupervised and who then proceed to foul the park with out anyone cleaning up after them. The resident wonders if we could engage with DCC about a dog warden attending the green to remove any unsupervised dogs. He says that despite the best efforts with clean ups and signage dog Pooh is evident in the park and consequently ends
Up on the shoes of adults and children.

The second letter refers to the amount of litter in the park. The resident is suggesting getting signage to stop littering and also suggesting that we ask DCC to provide a big-belly bin and to locate it beside the chairs at the basketball court

They’re the 2 items for discussion so we can start with the first
One and that’s the dog fouling and I would like to open the discussion to the floor……..

Treasurer’s Report




Chairman’s Address

Thank you all for coming along this evening.

I think this in about the 49th AGM.

When the estate was first built, back around 1973, it was an exciting new development – big spacious houses with very fancy features like side passages, oil fired central heating, front & back gardens and, if you bought at the very start, you could choose the colour of your bathroom suite. Ours was pale mint green and even though we changed it when we moved in, I still have thoughts about that green toilet bowl!

The estate in all its newness, was fairly rough, as you can imagine. Unfinished pavements, no lighting furniture, gardens of bad clay, stones & builder’s rubble. It was about 1976 before anyone has anything resembling a lawn.

The area we now usually refer to as The Pedestrian Entrance had a different name them – anyone remember? The Stile. A stile is defined as a set of usually two steps that you climb over in order to cross a fence or a wall, especially between fields . And that’s exactly what we had. As you leave the area to head for Griffith Avenue, there’s a curious metal bar protruding from the wall on the left pillar. This is the thing we’d have to get a hold of to get over the mound of compacted earth to move ahead. and that’s pretty well exactly what it was a gap in the wall where the Welcome sign hangs. Why am I giving you this simple little bit of history?

Winding the clock forward 40 years, here we are. How’s our estate looking? It took that many years and the work of many residents for this transformation to happen and there were a few dips along the way when the area was a bit neglected. The constant effort required to maintain a space such as ours was recognised and huge progress has been made since. We’ve been given so many awards by the Dublin City Council that we took a back seat for a little while to give other areas a chance! Much of the credit for the excellent appearance of the estate is due to our resident Gardener Tom Kelleher who has always done work far beyond the call of his duty. Thank you Tom.

You’re here tonight because you care about where you live and want to be a part of its continued maintenance & improvement. Some people can’t be here for various reasons and that’s understandable – in the same way that not everyone can come out to help on the annual Clean Up Day (last Saturday week). However, it’s a sad fact that the majority of residents don’t bother attending the AGM and don’t help with the Clean-Up – or anything else. They’re happy to leave that stuff to the Committee. It often feels like we’re regarded as paid employees of the estate. We’re not.

The Committee comprises of just 12 volunteers, all doing their best to hold down jobs, raise families etc and we can’t continue doing all the things Ger has just outlined without assistance. The old saying that many hands make light work really is true. If we had more help, everything would be done much more quickly and with much less strain on the small number of active residents.

What do we need help with? Well, everything really. If you’d like to join the Committee, that would be great – just have a word with one of us after the meeting. It really doesn’t take up much time – about 6 two hour meetings per year. If you can’t or don’t want to (most people, including us, don’t particularly like committees!), then there are plenty more ways you can help.

We need Road Reps – a person to call to the shrinking number of residents who don’t yet pay their Subs online. You’d only have about 20 houses on your list and this would involve calling to 5 or 6 houses perhaps 3 times to collect subs. You would also be the drop off point for people to leave their subs. We feel that it’s important for your closest neighbours to be able to put a face to the subs!

We need help distributing flyers for our various events. We’ve succeeded in reducing the number of deliveries via our email and WhatsApp service but we still need to do a full delivery once in a while. If you could volunteer to do your side of the road, that would be great. The Rise, being the longest road in the state, needs several Road Reps and several delivery people. I feel we should be engaging our children to help in doing deliveries so if have kids of a suitable age – of if some of your neighbours have, please ask them to get in touch with us.

Clean-Up Day is a success very year but it’s generally the same people who come out each year and we’d really love to see a much larger turn-out. If you walk around the estate after Clean-Up day, you’ll notice the improvements but you might also notice all the things which could have been done – wall & kerb corners with build ups of muck and dust, weeds growing out of cracks in the road, light standards which could do with a lick of paint, benches which need painting, spraying of the tarmac area in the park with an environmentally safe anti-moss solution etc.

It would be good to have some assistance gathering spot prizes for our Family Fun Day, selling raffle tickets, helping at the various stalls – and tidying up afterwards.

Each year, we apply for various Grants. If someone could help out with this – even helping to complete a single grant application would help enormously. They don’t take a huge amount ion effort – just a few hours focussed attention.

We’re in the process of reinventing what was the Rose garden in the park – sowing wild flowers etc and this will require just a bit of light maintenance – weeding etc.

We had many people who enjoy walking and if someone could take on the simplest task of keeping an eye on anything which they feel might need attention – overflowing public bins, broken or faulty public lighting, litter, graffiti etc, that would be helpful.

Would anyone be prepared to take over one very easy job – to keep an eye on the Courtlands email – just to respond to them and pass on items to committee members when required?

More could be made of our website. It wouldn’t take much to add bits of news as they come in – events at the public library, security updates, adding photos of events etc. If anyone would be interested in doing this, brilliant.

Thanks you all again for your support. Thanks, too, to this amazing Committee for all the work they’ve put in this year.