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Attempted Burglaries October 2019

By October 25, 2019 February 5th, 2020 No Comments
This notice isn’t intended to scare you – just to inform you of what’s going on and suggest ways that you can improve your home security easily. Don’t panic – just be sensible!
There were three attempted burglaries (that we know of) in the estate over the last few nights – the two houses on Walnut Lawn and another at the top of the Avenue. It appears that the attempts were unsuccessful as the locks on the doors were of good quality – all were rear patio doors.
There are also reports of interference with the doors of back garden sheds – nothing stolen as the sheds were all locked.
I recommended that the events should be reported to the Gardaí. Coincidentally, I received a text from Garda Martin Lynch just this afternoon and as it came from a regular looking mobile number, I texted him back – thanking him but also informing him of the recent happenings. I requested that he call to one of my neighbours – an elderly couple as they were quite upset & fearful of a return visit by the burglars. I’m not sure if Martin received my message but the Guards did call to my house tonight – and another guard called to my neighbours as requested. The guys who visited me are Michael Byrne and his colleague Aoife, both dedicated to burglary crime in Ballymun Station.
They said they’d investigate further and would request increased patrols in the area, especially in the small hours of the morning. They told me that the new Sergeant, Aidan Monaghan, had just recently been appointed in Ballymun and that we should liaise directly with him via and that we would definitely receive a response to all messages.
They parted with the usual advice – be extra security aware – double check all doors, make sure your alarm is ON, don’t leave any valuables in plain view – laptops, car keys etc. Basically, don’t make it easy for them. They also stated the obvious – if you don’t have an alarm, you should seriously consider getting one as they DO appear to serve as a real deterrent. All 3 of the houses I mention in this mail DO NOT HAVE AN ALARM.
It would be a god idea to share your mobile number with me also so that I can add you to the Text group. I have mobile numbers for some of you. I think everyone is wary of WhatsApp Groups as so much silly, stuff goes on. I’m investigating to see how many people I can send a text to using normal text messaging.
I’m still testing a camera I bought recently and won’t absolutely recommend anything until I’m happy that it’s doing the job consistently – still some teething issues….
If you have a neighbour or friend who is not on this mailing list, please pass this information on to them and recommend that they drop me a line so I can add them to it.
Lastly,another neighbour told me about a very worthwhile security product – if you have patio doors with two side-by-side handles, then this is a superb €85 investment –
Lastly – if you notice anything at all suspicious or out of the ordinary, please don’t hesitate to call the Gardaí. The number to dial is NOT Ballymun or Finglas Garda Station but 999 – ask for Gardaí, state your location and they’ll dispatch the nearest Garda unit to you. This is recommended by the Gardaí as the most efficient way to fight crime in our area.
Be vigilant, speak to each other, stay in touch!