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BUS CONNECTS – Submission Deadline this Friday September 28th!

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Hi Neighbours,

The deadline for submissions on the Bus Connects issue is THIS Friday, September 28th. We will have an Association observation to submit and will post it on this site tomorrow. In the meantime, fell free to copy the text below and send it to

A Chara,

As a resident of Courtlands on Griffith avenue I welcome the proposed N2 route that will provide connectivity to the DART, the Luas and Intercity trains for the residents of the estate.

However I wish to submit a suggested revision to the A-spine as proposed in the BusConnects documentation. As outlined at the recent meeting in the Skylon hotel the splinter point for this mainline is set to be positioned at Collins Avenue. But if this point were brought back to Griffith Avenue if would allow for a spur to run off the A-spine that would maintain connectivity between the villages of Drumcondra and Ballymun. The spur would turn left at Griffith Avenue on outbound journeys and could follow the current route of the number 13 bus thereafter. The inbound route could also rejoin the core section of the A-spine at the same junction where a dedicated right only lane currently provides your fleet with an efficient line back to the Quality Bus Corridor on the Drumcondra Road.

Such a spur would connect both DCU campuses and would provide access for the residents of Ballymun to the myriad of services available in Drumcondra village. In the other direction it would provide access to Gullivers retail park and where somebody needed paperwork completed for a passport or driving licence this spur would provide Drumcondra residents with access to the Garda Station. This is currently provided by the number 13 bus route. Breaking the link between both villages I would deem to be a regressive step. Finally please consider the fact that this revision of the A-spine would provide the 400 homes within Courtlands with a direct service into the city centre. The provision of local links is also in keeping with the philosophy of the overall plan.

I trust that this proposal will be given due consideration.

is mise le meas,


Paul McAuliffe will be in attendance at Ballymun Civic Centre on Monday night, September 24th, from 7.30 to answer any questions on the Bus Connects issue.