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Corpus Christi Hall Family Day

By April 20, 2022 No Comments
Courtlands Chair

Hi Residents,

We received the message below from the committee working to save Corpus Christi Hall. Please drop by next Sunday to lend your support.


Hi Fionan

Just to keep your group up to date with activities of Friends of Corpus Christi Hall, we’ve set up a website to keep the community informed of our work to keep the Parish Hall in the community and to gather more support for our campaign. 
I’d be grateful if you could share with your members, the address is:
SAVE THE DATE -We’re planning a community funday on the 23rd April next on the grounds of the hall and church (the PP has given us permission), the purpose of the event is to celebrate the value of the hall to the community and we will be showcasing activities by various Groups over the years. We will also be raising awareness of our campaign and fundraising on the day via a bake sale/sponsored raffle. We’ll be circulating the flyer shortly and are having a planning meeting, you or a rep from Courtlands RA would be very welcome to attend. It’s on Tuesday the 5th April 7.30pm, at Homefarm FC.
We’d be delighted to get any sponsored prizes for the event or if your members would like to donate goods for the bake sale that would be fantastic too!
Any questions at all please do reach out.
085 2531555