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Courtlands Security Alert

By July 18, 2019 No Comments


A resident on Walnut Lawn reported attempted break in at his house and several others early this morning, Thursday July 18, 2019. Two young men, working as a pair, dressed in black went from house to house on both sides of Walnut Lawn, checking hall doors, windows and car doors. These were clearly opportunist burglars. Have a look at the attached video clip. Please be ultra conscientious about checking your doors and windows – at all times of the day, not just night time. If you leave your car or van unlocked, you’re at big risk, too.

I urge you to register for our Garda Text Alert service and sign up for notifications of relevant posts from the Courtlands website. To do this, fill out the email subscribe on the Homepage and we’ll do the rest. Please let your neighbours know about this, especially those who might not use computer or phone technology.