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Covid-19 : A New HSE Overview & A Cute Little Photo

By March 24, 2020 No Comments

As the situation changes on a daily basis, it’s good to step back from general media coverage and familiarize ourselves with any new perspectives and guidelines from those who know best – the HSE. So, please have a read through the document below.

Here’s what the Corona virus actually looks like, masquerading as a bobbin on top of the little woolly hat your Grandmother knitted for you for Christmas.

We have distributed letter to ALL houses in the estate. If anyone feels they could do with some help – picking up groceries, medication or even a newspaper, please call any one of the names on the list. Many have family members nearby, which is great but they still can’t actually visit. The people on the are also available for a chat, anytime!

Some of our more vulnerable neighbours might be reluctant to seek help so look around you – identify those who you think might appreciate a phone call.