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Covid: Vulnerable Neighbours & Virus Scam Alert

By January 26, 2021 No Comments
Courtlands Chair

We received two messages from the Gardaí in recent days Рplease read both carefully and let your neighbours know!

S:Keep safe during Covid -19 Virus pandemic Santry Community Police Office 
Uncertain times ahead for us all be safe report matters of emergency to Gardai on 999 if you have any vulnerable neighbours please send their names and address to<> we will visit them Santry Gardai will be on duty 24/7
S:Be Vigilant Covid-19 Scam/Fraud
Please be aware that your Covid-19 vaccine is FREE your first point of contact is your GP your GP will administer your vaccine The HSE will not ring you do not share any personal information over the phone with anybody stay safe Santry Community Police Team