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Hi Neighbours,

Here’s an extra observation by a Committee member, who submitted independently. Once again, feel free to copy it and submit it yourself. Remember, the deadline is this Friday and the address to send it to is


To whom it may concern
I welcome the opportunity to make a submission regarding the proposed BusConnects project. I have taken the time to visit your website, review documentation and maps and attend the pubic consultation session in Skylon Hotel last Friday evening. I’m a resident of Courtlands, off Griffith Avenue in Dublin 9.
I very much welcome the proposed N2 route which will travel the length of Griffith Ave and connect our area to the Dart, Luas & mainline train service.
Spine E also provides useful north-south connection, linking Ballymun/Glasnevin to UCD and onward to Dun Laoghaire.
The simplified lettering and numbering system proposed also seems like a good idea.
I note the commitment to improved cycle routes, separate from bus lanes, along the Core routes where feasible. I strongly support enhanced and safe cycle routes, particularly within a 5-7 km radius of the city centre where the cycle distance would be manageable for many people.
The loss of a direct bus from either Griffith Avenue or Homefarm Road to the city centre is likely to impact negatively on the many elderly residents as well as those with reduced mobility in my area. In a revised proposal, following this consultation process, serious consideration should be given to retaining either no. 11 or no. 13 routes, at a minimum for off-peak travel.
The N2 route will enable residents along Griffith Avenue to connect to Spine A on Drumcondra Road to access the city. For convenience of all passengers, particularly those with reduced mobility, it will be important to have many bus stops along the full length of Griffith Avenue and bus stops close to the junction with Drumcondra Road so that those who need to connect with Spine A can do so quickly and without excessive walking.
Spine A will serve large numbers of passengers from high density areas north Dublin – this is a good thing. However it raises a concern for passengers in my neighbourhood that buses will fill to capacity earlier along the route and will be unable to pick-up passengers along the Drumcondra Road (particularly at peak times). This would represent a significant dis-improvement in service for residents in my area and would also impact on many visitors to Dublin who avail of accommodation along the Drumcondra Road.
Its not clear to me from your various documents and maps if any bus will travel into Beaumont Hospital (as is currently the case).  The walking distance from Beaumont Road (hospital gates) to the hospital reception (A&E) is approximately 750m – this would be a lengthy walk for anyone with reduced mobility or in poor health, and those with children or carrying bags. A reasonable bus service is required to the hospital door.
I look forward to reviewing revised  and more detailed proposal, in due course, as an outcome of this consultation process.