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Ground rent letters

By December 4, 2014 No Comments
Courtlands Chair

A number of residents have received letters seeking payment of ground rent. If you received one of these you need to check whether you purchased your house freehold or leasehold. You need to check your documentation to discover which you hold. If you are in doubt contact Land Registry and they will advise you on your position.

If you have a freehold interest you may need to register this if not already registered. Land Registry will advise you on this.

If your property is leasehold you need to review how to proceed on the demand.

See offer of help and information on this from Jim Kirby below :

Many residents have received a message from Fitzwilliam Land Securities in relation to ground rents.
 I have spoken to some of them who were frightened to be told that they owed ground rent.
If you purchased your ground rent in the past and failed to register the Vesting Certificate that you received you should proceed to register your freehold title in the Land Registry–you will need to produce your vesting certificate,the original lease and a fee of 40 euros ,

I am available to help residents who have  any problems in relation to this matter free of charge
jim Kirby,37Walnut Rise.