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Garda Emergency Telephone Numbers / Happy New Year !

By December 31, 2020 No Comments

Happy New Everyone!

In case any of you didn’t receive the group email yesterday (drop me a line if you didn’t and would like to have your name added), here’s a copy of what went out – and a few extra items.

It’s not pleasant to have to inform you of yet another unpleasant incident in our area. A burglar entered a house on Walnut Rise on Monday December 28th. The entry point was a window at the FRONT of the house. The resident left their house at 4:45pm and returned at 6 but in the interim, the incident happened – just an hour. There was no damage done (apart from some damage to the window) and apparently not much was taken. We’re unsure about whether the alarm was operational or not. There was another incident on Walnut Lawn yesterday and one resident noticed unusual chalk markings on the footpath, possibly made by reconnaissance burglars indicating houses for returning to later.
Clearly, houses are being watched so just be really careful and don’t make things easy for these guys. Check the following every time you leave the house:
1. Make sure all windows front and back are closed.
2. Leave a few lights on – a radio, too, is a good idea.
3. If you have an alarm, use it! If you don’t have one, consider getting one* – they’ve come down in price hugely in recent years.
Be vigilant – look out for your neighbours!
Lastly, since we lost our Garda Station on Griffith Avenue a few years ago, it seems that we’re not served by both Ballymun & Santry stations. In the event of an emergency – burglary, attempted or otherwise, assault, suspicious or anti-social behavior etc, the Gardaí have recommended that for fastest response we DO NOT call Ballymun or Santry but instead call 999 or 112. That way they can dispatch the nearest unit to us immediately.
Don’t forget to check in on our new Facebook page –  now and again – thank you James.
Happy New Year to you all.
*I can recommend the company I use – Ask for Brendan and tell him I sent you.