Parking/traffic problems

There have been a number of complaints to the committee on residents parking on corners, blocking driveways and causing danger to other motorists whose view is blocked by these parked cars. Some people are not stopping at junctions within the estate and there have been a number of near misses from people driving through junctions. You must stop at all junctions within the estate. The regulations on parking have been clarified by the Gardai as per The Road Traffic (Traffic & Parking) Regulations 1997 Section 36(2) and are as follows:

A vehicle shall not be parked:

  1. Within 5 metres of a junction
  2. In any place, position or manner that will result in the vehicle obstructing an entrance or an exit for vehicles to or from a premises, save with the consent of the occupier of such premises.
  3. On a footway, a grass margin or a median strip.

Annual subscription.

The annual subscription has been held at €40 per house. It is vital that everyone pays their subscription to enable us maintain the estate to a high standard for the enjoyment of all residents. Please support us by paying your subscription promptly as collection is not an easy task and is done on a voluntary basis by the committee. We will also be collecting resident’s emails to enable us to communicate more efficiently with residents.


The Committee would like to thank the numerous residents who do a lot of voluntary work for the estate, watering plants, cleaning graffiti, clearing areas, website maintenance and various projects and tasks during the year. Your help is greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Jim Kirby for all his help to residents on the Ground Rent issue.


Please bookmark our website as we keep it updated regularly with the latest information for residents.



Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of the Association was held in Home Farm Sports Hall on 30 April 2015. The attendance at the meeting was low and we urge more residents to try and attend.

The committee for 2015/16 are: Chairman: John Ryan

Secretary: Therese McGlinchey

Treasurer: Jim O’ Connor

Committee members: Aislinn Daly, Fionan O’Connell, Jim Kenny, Brendan Fallon and Gerry Strong.

Paddy Kane resigned from the committee and we would like to thank him for his long and dedicated service.

We now urgently need new committee members in order to keep the Residents Association going.

Annual clean up day 6 June.

The annual clan up day is on next Saturday 6 June and we ask as many residents as possible to turn out. ontheEstupcomingDublin City Council awards.

this day and help tidy up the estate. Can you please come to the Park at Please come to the Park at 10am. On the day residents are asked to tidy up the front of their houses and to tidy up their gardens if not already done. Courtlands is our home, show your pride in it by taking part in our annual event. The clean up will make our award winning estate more attractive for all residents to enjoy

Family Funday Sat.20 June

The Courtland’s Family Funday will take place (weather permitting) on Saturday 20 June. The event gets bigger and better every year and a great day is in store for all. It is a great opportunity for young and old to get together. The attached letter gives all details. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


As previously advised in order to ensure sewers do not get blocked the following items should not be flushed or put down drains:

Baby/facial wipes, kitchen paper, cooking oil, grease or pan residue.

These items block the sewers and responsibility for clearing these blockages rests with the residents. There are a number of houses on each sewage line and if blocked each house on the line has to pay to resolve the problem. See the information from Dublin County Council links posted on our website for more information on this.

Neighbourhood watch

The Garda Neighbourhood watch team hold a clinic every Tuesday from10.30 to 12.00 in the Parish Hall to address issues of concern to residents and sign any documents needed.

There have been a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in Courtlands that we are aware of in the past year. Please ensure you have an alarm on your house and put it on even if only out for a short period and always at night. If your alarm is malfunctioning or going off regularly could you please have it fixed as you are not doing yourself or your neighbours any service and are making it easier for burglars. We encourage residents to monitor any alarms going off near their houses and to ring the police if it looks suspicious. This will help cut down on burglaries. Keep your doors locked and do not open your door if you are unsure who the person is. There are better quality locks and locking mechanisms available now as some of the older locks on double glazed doors are not that secure. It is worth reviewing your locking systems on all doors. A security light with a motion detector at the front and back of the house is a good idea to increase security of entrances. It is most important that all residents are vigilant and keep an eye out for your neighbours and do not hesitate to report any suspicious behaviour in the area to the Garda at 6664400 or phone 999.

If you have a problem with the Garda response to the issue let a member of the committee know or send an email to us at and we will follow up on this.

Text Alert Scheme

The text alert scheme specific to Courtlands is in operation and this will contain information only relevant to Courtlands. If you have not already joined this you will need to email the following three items to: and mark it for the attention of Audrey Guilmartin:

  1. Your name
  2. Courtlands
  3. Your mobile number.


The most important element of Neighbourhood Watch is that everyone keeps vigilant and reports any suspicious behaviour. Also remember let your neighbours know if you are going away.

Walnut Park

There have been complaints about children causing problems for some of the residents in Walnut Park. Can you please ensure that your children do not engage in any activities that impinge on other residents properties.

Dog Fouling

Dog fouling is still a major problem, particularly in the park, and we ask any resident who notices anybody not cleaning up after their dog to report it to the Dublin City Council on 1800 251 500. This is the only way to resolve this ongoing issue. Section 22 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 makes it an offence for the person in charge of a dog not to clean up when their dog fouls in a public place.  Failure to clean up your dog’s waste can lead to a 150 euro “on-the-spot” fine or on summary conviction to a fine of up to 3,000 euro.We are also looking at getting photographic evidence of the owners of these dogs and submitting these to the authorities.