Courtlands Residents Association Newsletter Autumn 2010

City Neighbourhood Awards Scheme At the 2010 Neighbourhoods Awards Ceremony in August, we were awarded 2nd prize.

We had grown accustomed to receiving 1st prize in five consecutive years prior to this, but there are changes in how this scheme is judged and we have to adapt to new criteria if we want to win this award again. Firstly, the area being judged has been extended to include Woodlawn in Santry, who were overall winners this year and congratulations to them. The judging criteria has put a greater emphasis on ‘residents involvement’ and ‘summer planting’ both of which we lose points on. Most of our work is carried out by our Landscaping Contractor and most of the money we will pay out this year will be attributable to over 20 grass cuts (17 so far) and maintenance of shrubs at the front and pedestrian entrances. Six years ago we paid one hundred euro for a simple grass cut on a once off occasion, at a time when most of the grass cutting was being done by volunteers. If this costing was applied on a commercial basis to the work we are doing this year we could not afford it.

Specifications for what we are doing this year are outlined below. Of course the entrances to the estate look much better now, than they did six years ago, but the problem is that there is very little money left for enhancement and new projects, or indeed to extend our attentions to areas like the top of the Avenue or the Poplars pedestrian way. Woodlawn residents, who admittedly have a younger profile than Courtlands, group together on Saturdays, and long summer evenings to cut grass, pick litter, and water and feed plants and flowers. We haven’t identified any potential for this level of voluntary work in Courtlands, so we the committee have to direct the resources we have from our annual subscription as we judge best. As a committee, we would like to be reassured that what we do represents the wishes of the majority of residents. Your feedback on the attached survey will help us greatly. The response will be analysed by the committee, and commented on, in the next Newsletter. If anyone has a major issue, or a significant suggestion, we will contact them directly in confidence.

Annual Maintenance Specification

  • Grass cut and collected approximately 20 times per annum, at both entrances to the estate.
  • A four season lawn care programme to green, fertilise, and remove moss and weeds.
  • Borders edged and dug regularly… weeds treated at entrances and around rose bed in Park.
  • Ivy on wall at entrance, and Walnut Ave pruned and maintained three times per annum.
  • Roses in Park, fed, sprayed, pruned, and mulched all year round.
  • Manage spring bulbs and summer annuals where applicable
  • Shrubs at both entrances pruned, and waste removed three times per annum.
  • Maintain annually area around ‘Courtlands’ sign at main entrance.
  • Manage the composting area at the entrance, and remove annually.
  • Allocate one day to ‘Clean Up Day’ in May of each year.
  • Allocate one day to preparation of Park for ‘Annual Fun Day’.
  • Allocate one day to a pre Christmas clean up of leaves at both entrances.
  • Remove any fallen or obstructive branches at both entrances.
  • Deal with leaf fall in October/November, as best as possible.
  • Maintain front entrance litter free


Residents Voluntary Work The committee want to thank residents who helped in any way throughout the year, particularly Dennis Murray, who monitors the litter situation in the Park, and also Audrey Flynn who regularly tidies up the Rose bed in the Park. this is the spirit of simple voluntary work that helps keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy. We would like to encourage more people to pick up litter as they walk through the estate and place it in the litter bins provided.


Community Fun Day The Courtlands Community Fun Day was a great success, and we are delighted with the number of people who attended. Well done to the organisers, Aislinn & Dave Daly, and those who helped them, and the children and adults who took part in the fun. Thanks also to the generous sponsorship we received, which meant that the Fun Day was run with no expense to the residents association.


40th Anniversary 2011 is the 40th anniversary of Courtlands which was developed in 1971. We are considering marking the occasion with a social event, depending on the level of interest. If you have any suggestions, please submit them on the attached survey form, and return to any committee member, or your road representative.


Council Cutbacks Due to Public service cut backs the Councils treatment of weeds in public areas and footpaths, has not been as thorough this year, as in previous years, and possibly the tree maintenance programme may be affected in the future. This is quite noticeable in many areas of our estate. Also, the once weekly Road sweeper service is now operating erratically, because priority is given to main roads and streets. As our current Landscaping Contractor is a resident, he has compensated somewhat for this, by his maintenance at both entrances, but weeds and litter have built up in other areas, and in front of some houses, and we would like to address this issue in more detail next year. We are grateful that the cut backs have not affected the grass cutting programme in the Park and Avenue this year.


Drumcondra Business Initiative Any residents who are self employed or running a business may be interested in joining D.B.I. a forum for the local business community in Drumcondra, and part of the live local, shop local campaign. Meetings are held in the Skylon Hotel on the 1st of each month, and full details can be found on the website


Neighbourhood watch Brendan Fallon attends the Garda Neighbourhood Watch meetings on behalf of the committee. Statistically, there is an increase in the number of burglaries and attempted break ins at this time of year, as the evenings become darker. Be vigilent on security around your home. Everyone has their own locking up proceedure, but it is good to review it occasionally. You should have a definate policy on where you keep your keys and wallet or purse at night. Also be wary of cold calling sales people, and unsolicited offers to do work for you.

The phone number of Whitehall Garda Station is 01-8374356


Google Streetview Google Streetview went live last week. Log on, enter your address, and click on ‘streetview’. It’s well worth a look. Our locality was mapped in May 2009.