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Residents’ Association Bus Connects Submission

By September 24, 2018 January 18th, 2020 No Comments

Hi Neighbours,

As promised, below is what the Residents’ Association have submitted on behalf of people who live in Courtlands. Copy the text below and submit it yourselves – or make your own submission! Send it to by THIS FRIDAY, September 28th:

A Chara,

We are Courtlands’ Residents Association on Griffith Avenue representing approximately 270 households in our estate.

From studying the literature received at the recent consultation meeting in The Skylon Hotel, we understand that the objective for the new bus network is to “make it more useful to more people”. Unfortunately, the details with regard to our area defeat that objective.

We are specifically concerned with changes to bus operations on Griffith Avenue and in particular the removal of the 13 Bus route. Our understanding is that we will no longer have a direct bus route to the city centre.

The demographic of our estate is that of an elderly settled community who rely on Public Transport to a large extent.
Indeed the wider Griffith Avenue/Home Farm/Drumcondra area is largely made up of elderly residents. As outlined at the recent meeting these residents will now have 3 options when travelling to the city centre;

Walk to Drumcondra Road – spine A.
Walk to Ballymun Road – spine E.
Wait for the Orbital bus N2 – frequency 20/25 minutes to transfer to either spine for onward travel to city centre. (We would advise that your Spokesman could not confirm that the 3 current bus-stops on Griffith Avenue from Ballymun Road to the State Pathologists Office, inwards to town will be maintained when/if this new plan comes into effect).

It takes a fit person, walking briskly, 9 minutes to walk from the centre of the estate to the nearest bus stop on Drumcondra Road in order to access a direct bus to city centre. We estimate that it would take twice that time for an elderly or disabled person to reach the same stop. Moreover Drumcondra is a densely populated area on the Northside of the city, well known for student rentals and increasingly for Air BnB. This will inevitably lead to large queues at bus stops making it very difficult for seniors to physically get on a bus.

The options above are simply not good enough.

Undoubtedly the changes outlined will deter residents from using Public Transport. It appears counter productive to give our Senior Citizens the bus pass and then make the buses less accessible to them. We would urge you to consider maintaining bus route 13. We acknowledge that the Bus network has to be improved but the proposal as is, will have a detrimental effect on our community. We need a direct route to the city centre.