Courtlands News

Successful Clean-Up Day & Bio Diversity

Our recent Clean-Up Day went very well. We had a good turn out and people spread out to cover as much of the estate as possible sweeping away kerbside debris, edging the Poplars, weeding the rose-bed in the park, clipping hedges etc. Tom Kellegher was there to direct the crew to what the most urgent needs were and he kindly took care of the green waste. As usual, we could have done with more people so, if you weren’t able to come out last week,  please consider doing your bit next time.








The Dublin City Council have adopted recommended practices to improve the bio diversity of our area – allowing grass, dandelions etc to give our dwindling bee population to recover. So, neighbours, don’t despair – we’re not being neglected! Here’s a photo taken today along the Clontarf seafront……







Our Family Funday will return in just a couple of weeks – the first since the pandecic. It will take place on Saturday June 18th at 3pm. Please drop us a line if you can help out in the preparations or on the day –